Art Residency


Art residence of cultural centre of Palanga “Ramybe” established in the natural open country is a unique possibility to realize creative ideas of the artists from the entire world. In the premises which used to be the first cinema of the health resort there are arts studios, exhibition hall, space for demonstrating moving picture, theater today. Residence creates exclusive mood of calm and special conditions for artists willing to live and create away from the city bustle. The program of residence includes both traditional and contemporary art practices which interfacing with the cultural, political and social context foster esthetic values of society, promote human creative skills. Residing artists are encouraged to lead master classes for colleagues – local artists, seminars for art teachers, creative workshops for different social groups optional.

Areas: visual and applied art, design, architecture, filmmaking, theater, music, literature, art education, science researches.
Duration: 1 week – 1 month.
Application terms: applications can be submitted since April 2012.
Residence terms: calendar year.
Organizations and individual artists can apply.

Candidates must provide information below:

  • curriculum vitae (CV);
  • filled application form (download);
  • project during residence description (not more than 1 page)
  • visual (not more 15 pictures max 2 MB) and (or) audio material with recent projects of the past 2 years. Short description of the compositions presented.
  • Curators submit the list of published texts with references;
  • writers submit the list of published editions, copies of the latest manuscripts (not more than 5 pages);
  • description of the supposed master classes, seminars, creative workshops (not more than 1 page);
  • Electronic or paper applications are accepted. Attachments in the E-mail can not exceed 10 MB.

Persons who do not take a part in the project of resident can come with a short visit (should be arranged with organizers in advance).

Technical information:

  • internet connection (artist should have his own PC);
  • one of the best acoustic halls in the Baltic states;
  • possibility to record a highest quality sound during artists performance or special sessions (8 tracks at the same time);
  • professional sound recording of concerts, different performances;
  • possibility to rehearse/create with professional sound producers.

Grants are not awarded for residents this year. Incoming artists are offered lower prices for living.

Residence address:
Vytauto str., 35, LT 00132 Palanga

Mob.: +370 607 88990
Web site: